In almost any project you have to deal with spreadsheets files in multiple formats (CSV, XLSX, ODS, ETC).

In order to process the information and import it to your DB, it’s always necesary to do validations. The information you have to process needs to fill minimun requeriments in order to prevent DB insert/update failures  (datatype, non null data, foreing key validations) and complex business validations.

We created a very small but powerfull library that helps you do just that, achiving these goals:

  1. SAVE MONEY: The validation it’s done on the server side, saving processing power on the server and sending unnecesary requests.
  2. SAVE TIME. Each structure you want to define should’t take you  more than 5 minutes to configure on a small definition and a maximun of  45 minutes on a really big file (50 columns)
  3. EASY EXTENSIONS. It supports custom functions that can validate with any rule, wile at the same time can normalize the data ( remove unwanted but expected symbols, lowercase, etc)

Available for Angular 2+ (soon for React and Vue). Simple installation with NPM and easy configuration with a basic javascript object.